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Beyond all of this, is the reassurance that your physician will never be rushed.  He will always have the time to assess all of your medical issues and have the time to ensure that a thoughtful medical care plan will be provided.

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a lifelong relationship with my patients—a relationship where there is an absolute understanding that I will always be available to provide a healing touch.  An association that not only remedies an illness today, but one that takes the time to prevent tomorrow’s tragedies.

...Becoming more involved in your families’ wellness so you can have a proactive healthful lifestyle with prevention being the priority.

...Taking the time to educate and provide a better understanding of illness, so you will have the power to take control of your health.

...Assessing every concern at each visit, so you will have a complete and thoughtful healthcare plan.

...Giving you the reassurance that you and your family will never face any medical misfortune without a knowledgeable partner at your side.

Text Box: Founded in 2004, DOCERE PHYSICIANS became the first practice in Ohio dedicated to limiting its practice size to a fraction of the patients typically seen in the standard primary care office.  Committed to returning the founding principles of primary care back to the doctor’s office, Dr. Jeffrey J. Viscomi left his practice of over 6,000 patients and created a truly unique setting for patient care.  

As a member of  DOCERE PHYSICIANS, you are entitled to the benefits of a limited membership-style practice.  Sometimes referred to as a concierge medicine, membership is limited, so your physician has time to offer you a variety of benefits that would otherwise not be offered by overpopulated practices with overburdened staff.  The benefits of this practice include:

Appointments and other phone concerns handled without delay or prolonged hold time.

A minimum of thirty minutes for each appointment to ensure a thoughtful and complete healthcare plan at every visit

Our staff will be your assistant, working with your schedule to accommodate your medical concerns.

Reception will be comfortable and private.

Same day visits for illnesses, and access within one business day for other concerns

Preventative health intervention will be given at each visit.  Your physical will no longer be limited by statistical insurance standards, but guided by your physician’s assessment of your individual needs.

After hours availability of your physician will be offered through his personal phone number so that he is immediately available for emergencies.

Patient Portal Access for non-urgent questions, refill requests, or to securely view your